"Ladies and gentlemen , Boys and girls.
Welcome to CHELLE'S Juke Joint!
The home of hard drinking women and low down, no good Gambling men.
Home of hits and grits, Corn bread, Greens and red beans.
And best of all...we got music to shake rattle and roll your soul."
You set your drink down, swivel on the bar stool, and squint through the smoke. It’s another Saturday night at CHELLE'S Juke Joint, and sure enough, the bar is packed with vixens and gamblers. The drinks are good, the lighting is just about right, and the scenery ain’t bad, but there’s only one reason you’re here: CHELLE'S has the best music in town. Nobody else has the same mix of Creole, jazz, funk, gospel, R&B, and zydeco, with a dash of Mardi Gras Indian chants and rhythms.
New Orleans native and Oakland's own "Queen of New Orleans music", MICHELLE JACQUES along with distinguished vocalists, RHONDA CRANE, JAY LAMONT, TAMMI BROWN and BRYAN DYER, perform music that is vibrant and alive which will take you from Saturday night at the juke joint to worship on Sunday morning, Big Easy style!

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Chelle’s Juke Joint 
Is not just one more Acapella Group 
Or a musical way to escape your 9 to 5 
On no 
Chelle’s Juke Joint is a healing ceremony 
A magical, mystical, medicinal experience 
A powerful organic prescription 
A brand new elixir 
Strong enough to wake the passions 
In a Club full of sleeping hearts 
And energize exhausted Souls 
‘Til they’re screaming for more 
And more & more & more 
I know 
I’m a believer 
Got myself a taste 
And they can’t get rid of me 
I recommend you get yourself 
A dose or two 
As soon as you can 
You won’t forgive yourself if you don’t!!! 

by Avotcja KPOO & KPFA-FM 

September 1st 2015


"Juke Joint’s music is full of energy and at the same time presented with surprising airiness that is close to none. The mélange is absolutely charming.  In other words: a cappella music at its best!"

Romy Schmidt
Vokal Total-Festival
Munich, Germany

"The Heartblood (Herzblut) singers from New Orleans let our guests be part of a five piece vocal/acappella group, and they didn't shortchange us (they were not stingy with ...) with their American flair which provided good energy and cast their spell over us.Even at the dress rehearsal they convinced with their individual voices, and they were especially astonishing since harmony was notable not only in their voices, but also in the intimacy (familiarity) amongst each other. From real Soul to Gospel to songs familiar to everyone they convinced all of our music minded guests, and because of their kindheartedness they were part of the great mood after the concert as well."

"For the Aspira-Berlin Team and their onstage Aspira guests this concert with many good songs and professional voice talents definitely will live on as a very good memory."

Aspira Berlin
Berlin, Germany


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